Haines Main Bathroom Mood Board

After almost a year of work at our Haines project, we are finally getting to my favorite part: the design. I have had the vision in my head for a long time now, and I’m so excited to see it compiled together in a mood board. Since the house is so old, I decided to go with a vintage inspired bathroom. Links to some of these sources are listed at the end of the post.

We’ve had to make design choices throughout the process, but they’re not the fun visual part. In fact, it can be challenging because I have to pick where the lights go, the plumbing fixtures for valves, where the plumbing fixtures go, window heights, window widths, etc. All of that is what makes the end design what it is–no pressure!

I have a few things already, like the vanity, and the mirror that I found at a garage sale for $16 :). So the mirror above isn’t exact, but close.

I’m going to have our tile guy, Rene, do a custom pattern similar to the one above, and do a lot of fun things with floor to ceiling tile.

A quick reminder of where we started before we get to more inspiration pictures:

The demo and reconstruction of the interiors were the easy part- the hard part was lifting the house and putting in a new foundation!

To see the whole Haines project “before” go read this blog post. It’s by far our biggest project yet.

I love the floor-to-ceiling tile in the image below.

Designer and photographer not named.

Again with the floor-to-ceiling tile inspiration:

Photography: Stephen Karlisch Design: Tori Rubinson
Photographer: Aaron Leitz Designer: Jessica Helgerson

I love the pattern on the hex tile on the design below:

Design: Allie Beckwith

This image is my main inspiration picture, except I am going to do hex penny tiles.

Stick around for a lot more mood boards: and soon the final reveal of this vintage bathroom!


Vanity: Home Decorators Aberdeen Black

Sconce: Putney Wall Light, Jim Lawrence

Trim Paint (Similar): Revere Pewter, Benjamin Moore

Subway Tile: Imperial Bianco 3×6

Grout, Similar: Platinum Gray

White Hex Tile: White Matte White 1×1

White Black Tile: Hex Matte Black 1×1

Sink Faucet: Gotonovo Amazon

Cafe Curtain Rod: Rejuvenation Rod Set

Curtain Rings: Amazon Gold Clips

Door Knob: Meadows Door Handle Set, House of Antique Hardware

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July 22, 2022

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