My Current Favorite Wallpaper Choices

I recently ordered wallpaper samples for the first time. Every time before I’ve just gone with it, and thankfully liked the end result. But after finding cheap wallpaper samples on a site, I ordered around 20 and fell in love with it.

The ability to hold it up in your space, feel it, see the textures and colors move….well, there’s a reason you should order samples before putting up wallpaper!

Wallpaper really elevates a space, and I’ve been dreaming of which ones I want to put up in our new house. Here’s a line up of some of my current favorite wallpaper.

  1. Linnea Garden Green
  2. Linnea Misty Blue
  3. Hawthorne Black Linen
  4. Waldemar
  5. Pure Willow Bough
  6. Sophie Spring Green
  7. Demi Floral Stripe
  8. Nocturne
  9. Meadow Sweet
  10. Hamnskar Stripe
  11. Hip Rose
  12. Midsummer Eve
  13. Foxglove
  14. Tapestry Black Linen

Here is Rifle Paper Co’s Hawthorne Black Linen (#3 above) in our West Duluth House’s bathroom:

And this is Rifle Paper Co’s Tapestry Black Linen (#14 above) in our W 15th St Project:

Midsummer Eve by Borastapeter (#12 above):

Meadow Sweet by Morris Wallpapers (#9 above), in Wildflower Home Blog’s home:

corner of collected cottage-inspired bedroom with blue paint and wallpaper

I’d love to hear which of these wallpaper selections is your favorite in a comment below!


January 28, 2022

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