Luxury Primary Bathroom Reveal at Brighton

The primary bathroom at our Brighton project was not great. It was handicapped accessible, but it seemed like it could have had a better layout for more usable space. Aside from that, it all needed to be remodeled after sitting vacant with moisture in the air for 1-2 years.

You can see the full “before” from this project here.

I had a vision for this bathroom pretty quickly, but it took me a while to play with the floor plan to get it all to fit just right. I designed the bathroom around the soaker tub, faucet, and marble backsplash as the focal point centered right when you walked in the room. It took me quite a while to nail down a design, but I finally got everything to fit in the space that I had wanted.

The Luxury Primary Bathroom Reveal

luxury primary bathroom
luxury primary bathroom
luxury primary bathroom

This primary bathroom turned out to be such a luxurious space and almost exactly how I envisioned it.

I spent literal weeks trying to find that tub faucet. I actually wanted all three fixtures to be in line with each other but just not find something within our budget. We were majorly constricted with local codes, and this was the only thing was not even really close to being in the budget, but wasn’t $3,000.

In the end we still had to configure something to meet local anti-scald code, but I am happy with how it turned out.

luxury primary bathroom

A lot of the tub facuets also only had a gallons per minute rating of like 2-7, which was ridiculous to me. Why design a tub facuet for a large tub if its going to take 20 minutes to fill? This faucet fills up the tub very quickly.

I also needed a faucet that didn’t come out to the middle of the tub. Most faucets I found were at least 12 inches long, and since this tub comes so closely to the wall, it would end in the middle of the tub.

I had so many requirements for a faucet that maybe now you can see why it took me weeks to find a faucet that worked.

luxury primary bathroom

I can confirm that using this space indeed feels like a luxury (yes, I definitely tried out the tub). If you are looking for inspiration and materials for your own luxury bathroom, come back next week we are sharing all of the sources for this project. Then soon after we will share the cost breakdown for the finish materials in this bathroom. Be sure to check back or join us on Instagram to catch those posts!

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November 12, 2022

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