Restoring Our 1910s Fireplace With Green Tile

The fireplace in our house was finished in 70s brick and tile when we bought it. I envisioned something more historically accurate, and dreamed about reproduction green ceramic tile. Unfortunately, that tile was over $50/sq foot, so I let go of that idea pretty quickly 🙁 I had seen a fireplace at a restaurant tiled in a beautiful green tile, and I’ve wanted to tile a fireplace green ever since.

We demoed the fireplace right away. I was excited to see if we’d find anything exciting hiding beneath it.

We didn’t find any cool brick, but we did find this original bookcase with authentic beadboard! We also found an original electrical outlet, which we discovered isn’t functional. We kept it as it was, though, because it was really cool.

This was how it looked after demo.

Even though we couldn’t use that super expensive tile, I found more affordable green tile, Bedrosians Cloe Green, at $8.29/sq ft. We used charcoal grout with the green tile.

I couldn’t be happier with how our fireplace turned out, with the mantle Reed built for it and the original beadboard bookcase next to it.

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April 29, 2022

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